What is the Evolutionary Impulse? Andrew Cohen

Evolutionary impulse“All the most renowned and revered mystics from the world’s great wisdom traditions all tell us the same thing. They all boldly declare that the ultimate nature of reality is that there is only one and not two. Time space and the entire creative process emerge from primordial emptiness or nothingness.” Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is a self-described “spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, and founder of EnlightenmentNext and author of Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening. In his attempt to integrate science and spirituality, Cohen moves beyond into traditional “enlightenment” mystics and calls for us to align ourselves with “the evolutionary impulse” so that we might embrace the ever evolving creativity of which we are a part. Evolutionary enlightenment

Cohen suggests that, “Traditionally, spiritual teachings pointed to a static attainment. The aspiration for enlightenment was the aspiration to come to rest in a steady state—in nirvana, in heaven. But when spirituality is reinterpreted from an evolutionary perspective, it is the aspiration for infinite becoming. The evolutionary impulse is an infinite reaching towards the future that affects the way we think about everything. Now we are no longer looking for spiritual liberation and release beyond the world, or after we die. We realize that the spiritual release is found in unconditionally, radically, and totally embracing the creative process of infinite becoming, as ourselves. It’s a very different orientation to spiritual liberation.”

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