Re-Thinking Fundraising

raising moneyThose of us who serve as clergy, find ourselves, through no fault of our own, as the CEO of a non-profit organization. Most of us have little or no training in fundraising. Many of us abhor fundraising because we were trained to inculcate the belief that stewardship (giving out of our abundance without receiving goods or services in return) and not fundraising (profits from the sale of goods) is the way to fund the church. The sad reality is that most of us are being asked to do more with less. Many of us will have to engage in fundraising whether we like it or not. This video is an amazing wake-up call.  Despite the fact that scale of fundraising that Pallotta is discussing is well beyond the means of most churches, the philosophy of spending money in order to make money does apply to most congregations. For those of us who give money to charity this video challenges some long-held beliefs about the ways in which we judge charities.

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