Walking the Line: Johnny Cash

johnny cashI’m not what you would call a country music fan. But when it comes to Johnny Cash, well let’s just say, I was raised on his music. My Dad was a big fan and it was from my Dad that I learned to appreciate not just Cash’s music but his life and witness. But country music wasn’t cool where I grew up, so I tried not to let on that I like Johnny Cash. I remember waiting until my parents were out, before slipping the live album Folsom Prison Blues onto my Dad’s prized Hi Fi and crooning along with Mr. Cash as if I was June Carter herself.folsom prison blues

I stumbled across this Memorial Tribute to the Man in Black and it not only brought back all sorts of treasured memories, it reminded me of a life lived with integrity and called me to remember all the many causes that Cash’s quest for truth introduced me to. I can’t think of a better way honour the Sabbath than to rest in Cash’s music. I trust that in addition to hearing the spirit of the man, you will also hear the Spirit of the God Johnny did his best to embody.

Enjoy! This one’s for you Dad!

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