Within the womb of MYSTERY, we wait.

Gestating in darkness, we fear the ending we cannot see.

Surrounded by unknown dangers, we wait.

Gestating in darkness, we dread the anticipated demise of treasured ways of being.

Longing for the light, we imagine daemons lurking in the dim recesses of life’s challenges.

Gestating in darkness, we cling to feeble notions of salvation.

Grasping at old and tired prophecies, we are quick to abandon WISDOM.

Gestating in darkness, we forget the SOURCE of our fragile being.

Gulping breathes too shallow to heal us, we settle for the trivial, calming, numbness of mundane pleasures.

Within the womb of MYSTERY, the darkness embraces, nourishes, challenges, refusing to severe the cord which sustains us, until we are ready to see the ending, we could not see beyond our fear.

Gestating in MYSTERY, we wait, for the ending which gives birth to hope.

In our waiting, the darkness tenderly enfolds us until the breaking of the waters of life.

Within this womb of MYSTERY, we wait. Amen.

1 thought on “ADVENT Moments: WOMB of MYSTERY

  1. I am uncertain of my sense I felt from you words. I like your allegorical style likened to fetal development. Yet the darkness expressed seems foreboding to me. The juxtaposition of the two images, perhaps was the dis ease I felt.
    It is my belief Jesus is within each of us. Live each day with us. Guiding, mentoring us with the life he lead. So what am I trying to say? The idea of Advent announcing the coming of a savior seems unneeded. Then again I do not fully understand Advent.

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