Not Going Quietly – Desmond Tutu

tutuDavid Frost’s recent profile of Desmond Tutu (Nov.2012) paints a picture of a vibrant life well lived during astounding times. Tutu’s recent work as Chair of  The Elders an independent group of global leaders working together for peace and human rights ensures that his wisdom will continue to provide insights and opportunities for those who seek to peace through justice. Of particular note, The Elders have taken up the cause of peace in the Middle East. Tutu sees the plight of Palestinians as akin to apartheid.  What is it that inspires Tutu:  “The knowledge that there is a God who actually does care. And strangely, this God who is omnipotent is also impotent. This God has extraordinarily said, ‘Look I have created you and I have created you to be a person.’  A person is someone who is a moral agent who can choose between good and bad. God can’t intervene to stop us from making the bad choices. And so how does evil end? Evil is going to end when there are those amongst God’s creatures who want to collaborate with God and the forces of good to end evil.”