OLD FRIENDS: Rebel Voices that Shaped Me

Summertime provides me the freedom to recall those voices from the past that belong to rebels who helped to shape me. Holly Near and Odetta possess voices that called me into being. Their hunger for justice opened me up to a world beyond the confines of my safe and comfortable life. Their love of humanity inspired me to reach out to strangers I might never have met. Their quest for peace disturbed me from my placidness. The Spirit that dwells in, with, and through them sang me into being. 

My old records are long lost, so I rejoice that technology reunites me with these old friends.  We may all be older now, but Holly Near is as fearless as ever and Odetta still has the power to haunt generations. Enjoy!

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  1. Many, many years ago my favorite uncle introduced me to the music of Odetta. What a voice! Fortunately we still have recordings and videos to remember her by & to be stirred. When the day comes for my own funeral they will play Odetta singing “Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My body Down!” Amen!

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