Waking Up to the Wealth of Wisdom Beyond our Idols

All too often we allow our images of God to become idols that we worship. Sometimes these idols prevent us from challenging our images of reality. Stepping outside our comfort-zones to explore images of reality that are envisioned by those who do not worship our idols sometimes allows us to see beyond the idols that have limited our vision. I remember reading Alan Watts when I was in my twenties.  I’d forgotten how his visions of reality helped me to see farther than I’d ever dared.  Recently, a friend shared the video below and all at once I remembered Matthew Fox’s quoting Thomas Aquinas who insisted that each of us is “capable of the universe”.  Waking up the wealth of wisdom that exists beyond the idols we worship is just the beginning of a new day. We ought not to be afraid to open our eyes.   “As capable as God are we.”

For more information about the life and work of Alan Watts click on the graphic below:

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