Advent Blue

When we leave behind our personifications of the Deity, we can’t help but rekindle our love of God in whom all of creation rests. Recognizing the Earth as sacred and moving toward an understanding of the Earth as a beautiful part of the Body of God is vital to our being in God. Peter Mayer’s hymn to our Blue Boat Home puts a whole new hue in my perception of Advent Blue! I suspect the Welsh tune HYFRYDOL might also have something to do with my appreciation of this splendid addition to my Advent tradition! Enjoy

1 thought on “Advent Blue

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Pastor Dawn Hutchings for this magnificent music from Peter Mayer!
    From the Blue Boat Home followed by Wade in the Water AND all the beautiful Advent and Christmas hymns! WOW! Thank you Pastor Dawn!
    Pastor Jon Fogleman

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