Valentine??? Who Knew???

rainbow heartsLegends abound! There are three individuals who over the centuries have been credited as being the St. Valentine for whom the upcoming saint’s day is named. My favourite Valentine legend concerns the radical Valentine who ran afoul of the powers that be when he insisted on preforming marriages between pagans, literally someone who lives in or loves the the country or nature, and a Christians. These kinds of marriages were illegal at the time. Other versions of this legend suggest that during the reign of Claudius II it was illegal for soldiers of the Roman Empire to marry. Valentius, a bishop, is said to have conducted secret weddings for Roman soldiers. However the story is told, the idea of a priest preforming marriages which the state and the church refuse to endorse speaks volumes. Cheers and blessings be upon all valentinian priests and officials who continue to engage in courageous acts of love.