Early Followers of Jesus Believed He Had a Wife

Today, Harvard Divinity scholar Karen L. King went public with new evidence that indicates that the early followers of Jesus believed that he had a wife. King insists that the idea that Jesus did not have a wife does not arise until about 150 years after Jesus’ crucifixion.

King points to a newly rediscovered papyrus fragment from the second century coptic manuscript in which Jesus refers to “my wife.” That pundits commenting on today’s news should call the notion that Jesus had a wife “shocking” is in and of itself shocking to those of us who take the bible seriously. If Jesus was not married, now that would be shocking for a first century, Jewish peasant! 

Link to the New York Time article here

You can download a copy of Karen L. Kings paper: “”Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…’ New Coptic Gospel Papyrus”  here

Scholars will continue to be sceptical of King’s find. For the Smithsonian’s take on the find and details of an upcoming documentary click here.

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