The New Violence and Its Unexpected Victims – Joan Chittister

divine feminine 2Think feminism is passé, think again. Speaking at the Westminster Town Hall Forum in November 2012, Sister Joan Chittister exposes the scandalous realities in the lives of so many women in the world.  The situations in the lives of woman that Sister Joan describes are shocking, but the notion that so many young women suffer from the delusion that the need for feminism has passed is positively frightening. 

2 thoughts on “The New Violence and Its Unexpected Victims – Joan Chittister

  1. Pastor Dawn, I cannot access your liturgical resources on your website. Do I need something special? I can get to blogposts, stories, sermons, etc.

    I very much appreciate your writings. I am a progressive, “Christian Universalist” in an American Baptist Church! Truth be told, we are a progressive congregation, on our 2nd gay pastor, and proud to have supported gay marriage in WA state! But, as a former Lutheran (LCA), I am glad to connect with you and your website and congregation.

    Elizabeth Patrick

    • Hi Elizabeth: Good to here from you. Not sure why you are having trouble opening Liturgical Resources. By clicking on ‘Liturgical Resources’ a drop down menus should appear with options for various liturgical categories…Creeds, Prayers, Benedictions etc I just checked on both a Mac and a PC and it worked on both. Try again and hover a little longer and hopefully the menu will appear. Let me know if it fails and I will contact WordPress…Nice to know that there is a progressive community thriving. Glad to make your acquaintance ! Shalom

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