Creator of the Cosmos, We Honour You

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A Eucharistic Prayer of the Cosmos for the 21st Century

For those of us who love liturgy, the reality that liturgical practices shape and form us in the faith is no surprise. So, is it any wonder that practices crafted by words and images offered by humans who understood creation as a three-tiered universe often fail those of us who are seeking to be shaped and formed for faith in the 21st century? In the past few decades our knowledge about creation has expanded at a staggering rate. With new understandings comes the need for offerings of new words and images to transform ancient practices from the confines of limited imaginations into practices that can nourish, ground and sustain us in faith.

In this video, Father Sean O’Laorie Ph.D. offers a Eucharistic Prayer based not on sin and redemption-through-crucifixion but on the reality that all creatures are the Word-of-God-made-flesh. 

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  1. This is my kind of Eucharist prayer! Pastor Dawn Hutching’s Eucharist prayers also speak to my interiority and enhance my experience of Eucharist.-Pastor Jon R. Fogleman

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