Embracing Limitations to Drive Creativity – Phil Hansen

phil hansen2

I’m getting ready for five weeks of vacation. So, I’m sorting out things in my office and I discovered a plethora of Sharpies. Which reminded me of this story that I’ve been meaning to post.

Phil Hansen is an artist who moves beyond limitations to explore the margins of what’s possible. His incredible sensitivity flows through his work in ways that capture the imagination and inspire compassion. I find myself sharpielooking at Sharpies in a whole new way as I discover the world of pointillism (Google it. You know you want to). Hansen is also a gifted speaker whose personal story is capable of transforming limitations beyond the notion of challenges toward an appreciation for ingenuity. Enjoy!

By now, I’m sure you’re intrigued, to say the least. This next video’s visual beauty speaks volumes alongside of Hansen’s clear, concise, and charming story. It is best viewed with a Sharpie at the ready so that you can try your hand at kickstarting your creativity!

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