“Bring Your Own Story to the Sounds I Make” – Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin“spirityouall” was released back in May, and in days gone by I would have raced to the record store in order to add it to my collection. Nowadays, new albums are downloaded in moments. As marvellous as it is to be able to instantly add an album to your collection, I miss the cellophane and struggling to remove it while anticipating how it will sound on my system (whether it be record player, cassette or CD player) and reading the liner notes  while listening — I really miss liner-notes!  So imagine my delight when I clicked on my newly downloaded digital album and discovered the “digital booklet” – all 27 pages of liner notes.  

I found this video of Bobby McFerrin preforming a few tunes from spirityouall which as the liner notes say, “marks the first time Bobby has built a musical project around his faith.” The album is amazing.  Then, just as I was about to share this post, I came across the second video: an unedited, behind the scenes interview by Krista Tripett.  Enjoy!!!  

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