Arise on this Mothers’ Day: a sermon

justice missingThe plight of particular mothers in Canada promoted a change to the readings for this Sunday. You can find Luke 23:26-34, The Mother’s Day Proclamation, and Luke 24:1-5a by clicking here. The music for the song sung after the sermon “Sweetgrass and Candle” can be found here.

You can listen to the sermon here  

To further explore the issues discussed in the sermon, I highly recommend watching the National Film Board’s film “Finding Dawn” it can be viewed by clicking here


6 thoughts on “Arise on this Mothers’ Day: a sermon

  1. I can’t get the sermon to play… 🙁 Any ideas on what might be wrong? Just clicking on the “play” arrow should do it, right?!?

    • I just checked and the audio is working on all the divides here. Sometimes people who use Firefox have trouble playing. If you have a smart phone or iTunes it will also work there.

      • Thank you!!! (It still doesn’t work in IE but I tried it in Chrome and all is good there.) 😀

        Have a great week,


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