Celebrating Pentecost in the 21st Century

pentecost celebrate 2Michael Morwood has the uncanny ability to articulate progressive Christianity in ways that enable worshippers to move beyond images and ideas that entrap us in ancient world views. I love his prayers and use them often in worship!

Adapted from “Praying a New Story” by Michael Morwood

The Celebration of Pentecost in the 21st century moves us beyond the story of Jesus ascending to “heaven” in order to send the Spirit upon us.  Pentecost is the wonderful story of God’s Spirit always present, always active in human development and given total and free expressing in human form by Jesus of Nazareth.

It is the amazing story of people coming to awareness through reflection on the life of Jesus that the same Spirit that moved in Jesus moved in them.  They realized it was no their responsibility to give witness to the Spirit in their lives as totally and as freely as Jesus had.

Pentecost is the wonderful good news that all people who live in love live in God and God lives in them. Pentecost presents a challenge to humanity:  What would life on earth be like if the actions of all people were motivated by their awareness of being “temples of God’s Spirit”?

by Michael Morwood

by Michael Morwood

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