Einstein’s Big Idea: What Does It Mean?

einsteinA while back, I had the privilege of attending a lecture series given by Phyllis Tickle. During the Question and Answer session, Tickle was asked what advice she would give to someone who was preparing themselves to serve in parish ministry. “Study physics” was Tickle’s reply before going on to speak about the many ways in which theology is changing and will continue to change as a result of our expanding knowledge about the nature of reality. I have been struggling for years to make up for all the things I failed to study before entering the parish and Tickle’s advice rings true. However, physics textbooks are beyond my abilities. That’s why I love this video, which provides a brief glimpse into some of the most dynamic developments in the recent history of physics. For those of us who are practicing theology with our hands tied behind our backs as a result of our lack of scientific knowledge, this video is a fun place to begin to lay a scientific foundation. Using brief biographical dramatizations the filmmakers create a narrative that is both engaging and informative. Enjoy!

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