Baptism of Jesus

Epiphany worship pastordawn

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. Everyone is welcome!

See you at 10:45am at Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Our Hymn of the Day will be Marty Haugen’s Song Over the Waters

1 thought on “Baptism of Jesus

  1. Well. I’ll miss your service tomorrow. I will be in Pelham where the only Quaker church in Canada is located ( there are about 27 Meetinghouses across the country ). Once a month I make the trip to Pelham ( almost 200 Kms south of Newmarket ) to worship with my Evangelical Friends.
    I am not an Evangelical Quaker by any stretch of the imagination But I enjoy Pelham Friends ( Quakers ) for many reasons.
    Newmarket`s Quakers history goes back to 1801. Pelham Quakers to 1799. So we share a lot of common History. Our respective burial grounds have several headstones with the same family names.
    They are Evangelical ( like you, but not of the progressive kind ) I want to understand and learn from them ( as I also want to, from you at Holy Cross ) Doing so makes me a better Christian.

    On the baptism of Jesus my favorite source of information is Ernest Renan Life of Jesus published in 1863 ( especially chapter 6 ).
    I am already looking forward to listening to Pastor Dawn sermon on my computer when I will be back in town tomorrow afternoon
    Have a great Service.

    Have a great Service.

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