Blanket Exercise at Holy Cross in Newmarket

IMG_0190Yesterday, the Holy Cross’ Global Justice Team hosted a Kairos Blanket Exercise. The experience of participating in the Blanket Exercise was  powerful, humbling, enlightening and inspiring. The Global Justice Team did a splendid job of guiding us through Indigenous Canadian history.  We were blessed by the presence of indigenous leaders: Suzanne Smoke (The Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery) and Cathy Elliott (DAREarts). Suzanne brought along her sacred bundle and graciously led a smudge ceremony and talking circle. Cathy gifted us by singing and drumming. Reflecting on the range of emotions that the experience generated, it is clear that in addition to providing a powerful educational experience the gathering opened our hearts and minds to a history which many of us have remained ignorant of for far too long. We have been challenged and inspired to continue to advocate for our First Nations sisters and brothers. 

I am not by any stretch of the imagination a filmmaker, but I did manage to collect a few clips to give you a taste of the experience.

The Global Justice Team has organized a followup to the Blanket Exercise in the form of a Book Club. Check out the titles:

Blanket Exercise Book Club

To view a video of a Kairos Blanket Exercise recorded at New Hope in Calgary click here

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