Parable of the Talents! It Really Isn’t About God!

Yesterday’s post about the the parable Jesus told in Matthew 25:14-30 inspired some feedback which suggested that I was reading too much into the parable. It seems to me that the whole point of storytelling is to evoke something in the audience. The best storytellers (of which Jesus is one) recognize that they can have absolutely no control over where their audiences might take their stories. Parables are stories designed to shock and transform their audiences. Jesus could have selected a different style of storytelling. That the stories that have been passed down to us by Jesus’ followers come to us as parables suggests that shocking interpretations are consistent with the desires of those who pass them on. But for those who insist that God is the slave-master in the parable of the talents, here’s a little animated version of the parable; no dialogue, just the actions. I’m not prepared to identify the master in this tale with the Divine One who Jesus described as Love. It isn’t really about about God. But then again, it IS.

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