The Kingdom of God is Within You – from “The Great Dictator” – Charlie Chaplin

basileiaCharlie Chaplin’s speech at the end of “The Great Dictator” rings so true! Produced in 1940 the film features the silent-film comedian delivers a speech that speaks volumes about fascism, violence, freedom and democracy. However, the quote from the Gospel according to Matthew is often over-looked. That “the kingdom of God is within you” is indeed a revelation which we all too often forget. I wonder what life in the world would be like if we learned to live as if we actually believed that within us lies the power to usher in the “basileia ton Theou” lies within each of us. Might we be better able to live into our full humanity if we realized this reality?  basileia = feminine  plural for sovereignty  – what if we lived our lives as if this were true? What if our faith was about living into our full humanity? What if we were about the creating the  kin-dom of God? What might we be capable of becoming?