Giving Up God for Lent?

giving up godDare we give up God for Lent? Are we ready to expose ourselves to critiques of Christianity so that we might move beyond “God as a crutch” toward an experience of the absence of God? I find myself intrigued by Peter Rollin’s attempt to move us beyond our carefully held images/idols toward a deeper understanding of Christ’s experience on the cross. Atheism for Lent is a daring idea; a real journey into the wilderness.

5 thoughts on “Giving Up God for Lent?

  1. I listened
    Why does it have be so complicated,
    I love his accent this man is making religion so compacting
    I Know region is simple why do your so called experts make it sound so difficult?
    There is a God.
    You either believe or you do not
    I believe in aGod
    So what, is all this theo. about?
    There will be thousands of preachers and wise men writing/speaking, from now until when?,it does not matter.
    One has to be, think and act human.
    There is no other rule /law
    Love each other.

    • “Love each other.” is at the heart of all the great religions. And yet, as simple as that is, we just don’t get it.” Rollins is trying to strip away all the BS and get to the heart of the matter, which is our unknowing. Not as simple as it sounds. LOVE

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