Don’t Give up Chocolate, Give Up God for Lent

Eckhart rid me of GodYesterday’s article by Brandon Ambrosino in the Religion section of the Hufington Post sent the wheels in motions. I am indebted to Pete Rollins new book the Idolatry of God as well as his video Atheism for Lent for providing me with the courage to preach this sermon.

Lent 1C – February 17, 2013 – Listen to the sermon here.

1 thought on “Don’t Give up Chocolate, Give Up God for Lent

  1. I wish I had been at Holy Cross to hear this excellent sermon! Pastor Dawn’s theological insights reignite for me the call for new theological conversations that were suggested by John A. T. Robinson, Paul Van Buren, William Hamilton, Thomas Altizer and others about letting go of a concept of God that no longer speaks to our contemporary culture. This conversation was never fully engaged by the established churches and we are paying for it today. Pastor Jon R. Fogleman

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