God Is a River – Peter Mayer

riverPeter Mayer, one of my favourite folk singers, captures a hint of the essence of God when he sings. I have long since given up thinking of God as “My Rock and Salvation” and the image of God as a river in which I flow helps me to capture a hint of the ONE who is so much more than any of our images or metaphors can begin to capture.  

This morning I will lead our Adult Education Class in a conversation about “eternal life”. As our images of God expand to include all we are learning about the cosmos, this song connects me to the Source of Life. I can’t help wondering how far our conversation will take us. I suspect that new images will emerge. I hope that we can learn to live in the ambiguity of our questions. 

2 thoughts on “God Is a River – Peter Mayer

  1. Thank you Dawn and Heidi. Pastor who have opened their minds to the vast universe of acceptance and tolerance. I am working diligently with understanding how compassion Works. To listen to others journey on the same river without judgement. Others are on the same river, just at a different spot in the current. No right, and no wrong spot to be. Once the judgement is lessened dramatically, I am free to use my heart muscle called empathy without fear of putting myself at risk . I am free to serve once again. The organized church has put us all through the wringer of judgement. We are to love each other, live life ABUNDANTLY, and to be grateful that Jesus came to remind us that we all are a part of God just as he was one with the Father. We are part and therefore God, each and every one of us. Time to awaken to the Light that shines in all of us. That Light is our Inner Light child asking to come out and play and manifest the bountiful abundance of Giai , our Mother Earth. Once we connect with Giai, we can access wisdom of the Divine Feminine energy
    And tap into the source and energy of this Cosmos. Infinite possibilities await those who access the divine power of Love. Hmmmm, not too many guys in this energy field. The times-they are a-changin’. And so it is . I honour you , Dawn and Heidi. Namaste
    John Goodall
    Member of the Lutheran Church Alumni.

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