Reformation For All the Children

rainbow dove flyThis morning we will gather at Holy Cross to celebrate the Reformation. Our liturgy’s theme is “Semper Reformanda: Always Reforming. As one of our Gathering Songs we will sing David Lohman’s hymn: “For All the Children”(PDF of the music here). We will sing this song of radical welcome for all those who have ever been excluded from the church in the hope that reformation will come quickly to the whole church.

For All the Children is performed in the video below which was produced by Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, “For All the Children” is a powerful and inspiring music video featuring over 300 Catholics singing their support for LGBTQ young people and spreading the good news of Christ’s love. Recorded in April of 2012, “For All the Children” was premiered August 15 in Minneapolis at a special C4ME-MN event entitled “I Do! Believe in the Freedom to Marry.” 

Semper Reformanda: Always Reforming!!!

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