Atheism for Lent

Atheism for LentFor more details click on this link:  ATHEISM for LENT details

3 thoughts on “Atheism for Lent

  1. Bold. Brilliant initiative I wish my Faith group had the courage to do such study
    I plan to be with you on March 22.
    To prepare myself I am re-reading George H. Smith ” Atheism The case against God”
    At the very beginning of the book Smith makes an interesting point
    The(Hu)man is NOT born with the innate knowledge of God ( nor the supernatural ) It is introduced to him/her later in his/her life (. in our around 7 years old when the kids are at a very influential stage ).By whom and for what purpose is this introduction ??
    Church and parents for different reasons
    Churches need to secure its membership in the future.
    Parents because they believe it is good for their kids. There is this false belief that Theism = good moral
    Conversely without a belief in (a) god = immorality. Also it is more secure to be on God’s side than not ( the Pascal Wager ). This is plain superstition disguised as religion.
    Looking forward to March 22.

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