John Dear: Following Jesus in Our Culture of Death – A MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR ALL WHO ATTEMPT TO FOLLOW JESUS

john dear

John Dear is a Jesuit priest who is living into Jesus’ call to be a non-violent activist peace-makers. In this video he presents a radical retelling of the Gospel that will change the way you hear all too familiar stories about Jesus. This is perhaps the most exciting interpretation of the life of JesusLazarus come forth that I have ever heard! It will challenge everything you thought you knew about who Jesus was and is. Father John’s gentle style may deceive you into thinking he is just an idealist. But hear him out and I’m convinced you too will be challenged to re-think so many of the stories told about Jesus in the New Testament. I know I will never again hear or preach about the raising of Lazarus without referencing Father John’s insights. A word of caution: you cannot un-hear this passionate call to peacemaking and it will in all likelihood lead you into some dangerous place where you are compelled to deny our culture of death and take up the mantle of peacemaking.

2 thoughts on “John Dear: Following Jesus in Our Culture of Death – A MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR ALL WHO ATTEMPT TO FOLLOW JESUS

  1. OK watched over 30 minuets, gave up. this man is a dreamer Though none of his ideas are wrong. Peace and non violence is the perfect world. 99.999% of the world would agree. Without some violence this man would not now be talking if even alive.
    I am 80 years old and have lived through many wars.
    There is only one answer to this, should Britain in 1939 turned the other cheek, practised non violence?
    Would you be here now?
    Would the Nazi regime aloud this video.
    Think back to all the great uprisings is history , should none of them happened?
    If everyone on this planet believed in non violence but one did not, then?????

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