How To Be An Idiot: Christ and the Symbolic Order

rollins idiotRecorded on March 15, 2014 – Those familiar with Pete Rollins work will recognize some familiar themes and stories at the beginning of this video which then moves into some interesting new ideas about “morons, idiots and imbeciles.” Rollins provocative ideas about the relationship of Christ to the symbolic order challenges us all to move beyond our moronic ideas and practices into the roll of idiots so that we might become imbeciles. Well worth a listen for those familiar with Rollins work and for those who have never encountered him before!!!

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  1. Love Rollins. Thanks for posting. I’m a Christian Atheist with a new blog. If you visit it I would love your feedback. There will be more content soon. I’m generally using it to post sermons I give at my church, Journey MCC, Birmingham UK.

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