Good Friday Sermons

Good Friday 2016Holy Week marks a sharp uptick in visitors to this blog. In comments, messages, and emails I hear from fellow preachers who, like me, are daunted by the task of preparing the Good Friday sermon. That task is even more daunting for those of us who serve progressive communities. My fellow progressive-christian-preachers tell me of the dearth of progressive-christian Good Friday sermons to be found on the internet and encourage me to re-post my own attempts to rise to the occasion. So, here are the links to some of the Good Friday sermons I have preached over the years of my journey with the progressive community that I serve. The people Holy Cross Lutheran Church have over the years provided an invigorating space for me to pursue my questions. They have also provided the resources which make this blog possible. So, if you find the work posted here  of value to you and your community, please consider supporting this ministry of Holy Cross. I rarely solicit donations. But Holy Cross is a small community that continues to give to others in so many ways and your encouragement is greatly appreciated!!! (Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 1035 Wayne Dr., Newmarket, On. L3Y 1N3)

Follow the links to Good Friday sermons and feel free to use/adapt/repost

2016 I’m still working on getting my body out of the tomb in which it was laid all those years ago. – reflecting on everyday crucifixions click here

2015 Not Salvation! Solidarity and Transformation click here

2014 God Is Dead? click here

2013 Giving Up the Theories of Atonement in Order to Move Toward an Evolutionary Understanding of Jesus. click here

2012 Good Friday Rituals or Crimes Against Divinity? click here

Preparing to Preach on Good Friday click here

2 thoughts on “Good Friday Sermons

  1. Reading your writings, your favorite theologians and sermons- I believe that you do not confess that Jesus was raised physically in the resurrection. It seems that you suggest that he is raised in our actions of love. Are you also suggesting that our resurrection is known now in our acts of love and when we die that is it? Thanks

    • Hello John: I cannot answer your question. I can only respond to it. I don’t know what happens when we die. When it comes to what happens next I can only trust the LOVE in which we live and move and have our being. My experiences of the DIVINE ONE give me confidence that whatever happens “All shall be well.” My life in the LOVE we call God is enough. If this LOVE has more in store for us then Alleluia! My faith in the ONE who IS LOVE nourishes, grounds, and sustains me in this life and so, whatever death is I have no reason to fear and plenty of reason to trust. My hope is that the LOVE which lives and breathes in, with, through, and beyond me will live on. Shalom John, may the ONE who IS LOVE hold you now and always.

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