Radically Faithful: Passionate Christianity Confronting Empire and Savage Inequality – John Dominic Crossan

John Dominic CrossanJohn Dominic Crossan is by far my favourite New Testament scholar. That he just happens to be one of the leading New Testament scholars in the world has something to do with why I hold his work in such high esteem. More importantly, my love for Dom stems from the generosity with which he has shared his gifts, talents, wit and considerable charm with our little congregation. Holy Cross has been blessed to play host to Dom twice and during his weekends with us we  learned so very much from him. 

In the videos below, Dom delivers three lectures at All Saints Church in Pasadena (2010). The dvd education program mentioned at the beginning, “The Challenge of Jesus” is brilliant. Holy Cross’ Adult Education Class used it in 2011 and I highly recommend it!!!

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