Truth and Reconciliation – sermon for Pentecost 3B

Pastor Tom Doherty & Terry Hutchings shared their experiences at the Kairos events which preceded the Truth & Reconciliation Commissions delivery of their report. Our readings included Ezekiel 17:22-24 and Mark 4:26-34. The hymn sung after the sermon, “As One” with  words by Gretta Vosper to the familiar Huron Carol – UNE JEUNE PUCELL

The video is a bit choppy at the beginning but settles down in a few moments.

I Will Remember You – Maundy Thursday sermon

Maundy Thursday

Pastor Tom Doherty’s Maundy Thursday meditation opened us to the pain and joy of memory. Listen to the sermon here

Reign of Christ Sunday – Sermon

Leftover People – Pastor Tom Doherty

Listen to the sermon here

Leftover People our Hymn of the Day: Leftover People

Transformed Living – Sermon

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

Pastor Tom Doherty takes us to the opera where we discover an image of God who invites us into living recklessly generous lives.

Listen to the sermon here          Readings for this Sunday here