Hosea: the Coronation Street of Ancient Israel

A Sermon on the Book of the Prophet Hosea

Coronation StI am indebted to Bishop John Shelby Spong for his insights into the Book of the Prophet Hosea. Without Jack’s thoughtful portrayal of Gomer, I would not have recognized her as the Leanne Battersby of her time. Also, thanks to Marcus Borg for his definition of the verb “believe”!

Listen to the sermon:

For those unfamiliar with Corrie, here’s a sample of the first 50 years:

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  1. What an inspiring sermon!! Probably the best interpretation of Hosea’s story that I have heard. When Christianity begins to see the message of “the cross” as (solely) the self-less message of love — of a human being surrendering, completely [recall, Islam, derived from the Arabic ‘Salema’, means surrendering to God] ….. to the mission of caring for others — then Christians are (finally) beginning to evolve towards seeing Jesus as the God-Presence that dwells within every person … the one doorway to a way of “divine life” that each of us can have for ourselves, if we are only willing to “go there”. Shalom!

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