Bat Qol – The Daughter of a Sound: Hearing the Word Utter Our Name

Preparing to Preach on Jesus’ Baptism

BAT QOL pastordawnEach year, I begin my preparations for preaching on the Baptism of Jesus with this video in which  Heather Murray Elkins tells her story, “The Secret of Our Baptism.” Elkins opens us to a new way of hearing the Bat Col, the Daughter of a Sound, the Voice of the Divine, the Word, who speaks in this Sunday’s Gospel reading. Matthew 3:13-17

3 thoughts on “Bat Qol – The Daughter of a Sound: Hearing the Word Utter Our Name

  1. Please send me this again. Just after the young man said his name given to him by his father-
    “Not Good Enough” and started to cry, the he message came that something happened during the recording that stopped it from continuing.
    Do you have an explanation???
    Thank you. Barb

  2. This is The Most Profound Baptismal Story I have ever heard! And in less than five minutes it makes the point of what Baptism Is. It is also The Best Sermon or Homily I have ever Heard. Short. Sweet. Good News! Life Changing for you, for me and for all who hear it. When you and I hear this story our lives can never be the same again! That’s what the Gospel does. That’s what good five to eight minute homilies do. Thank you Pastor Dawn for sharing this profound moment with all of us.
    Pastor Jon Fogleman

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