A Celebration of Love and Life: a sermon for York PrideFest

PrideFest WorshipToday Holy Cross hosted the York PrideFest worship and it was our great pleasure to welcome members of York Region PFLAG – our readings included Leviticus 19:17-18 and Matthew:34-40 a copy of the service bulletin can be found here

Listen to the sermon here:

Pridefest June 15 2014

At the Heart of Happiness Lies Compassion for Others: Karen Armstrong

Karen ArmstrongKaren Armstrong, a provocative original thinker whose many books on religion have educated a generation of modern seekers. Armstrong has a unique perspective. She’s a former ¬†nun who moved on to academia to study comparative religion and has become an advocate for the Golden Rule. Her books on Islam,¬†Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and the History of God are a wealth of information and have become must reads for those who study or practice religion. He autobiographical works are well worth reading: The Spiral Staircase is particularly compelling!

Reordered at Conway Hall by Action For Happiness on April 18, 2013