A Celebration of Love and Life: a sermon for York PrideFest

PrideFest WorshipToday Holy Cross hosted the York PrideFest worship and it was our great pleasure to welcome members of York Region PFLAG – our readings included Leviticus 19:17-18 and Matthew:34-40 a copy of the service bulletin can be found here

Listen to the sermon here:

Pridefest June 15 2014

At the Heart of Happiness Lies Compassion for Others: Karen Armstrong

Karen ArmstrongKaren Armstrong, a provocative original thinker whose many books on religion have educated a generation of modern seekers. Armstrong has a unique perspective. She’s a former  nun who moved on to academia to study comparative religion and has become an advocate for the Golden Rule. Her books on Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and the History of God are a wealth of information and have become must reads for those who study or practice religion. He autobiographical works are well worth reading: The Spiral Staircase is particularly compelling!

Reordered at Conway Hall by Action For Happiness on April 18, 2013