The Cross in John: Not Tragedy But Triumph – John Shelby Spong

jack spongJack concludes his five day lecture series by explaining the Crucifixion in the fourth Gospel. (filmed June 27, 2014) Our friends at College Street United Church in Toronto will be hosting Jack April 17-18, 2015. I shall post more details when they are available. 

The Mother of Jesus: A Symbol of Judaism – John Shelby Spong

maryuniversalmaryw.jpgJack explains how the 4th Gospel creates a symbol from the presence of Christ’s mother. This is the fourth lecture of a five lecture series. Filmed June 26, 2014 at the Chautauqua Institution.

Johannian Characters: Literary Creations Not People of History – John Shelby Spong

spong cartoonRecorded last week (June 25) Jack explains the colorful characters who hold dual purposes in the fourth Gospel. Enjoy!

The Fourth Gospel Warns Against Literal Reading: John Shelby Spong

SPONG swirlRecorded last week, June 25, 2014 at Chautauqua: Jack continues to challenge readers to look beyond the page. Enjoy!

Separating the Fourth Gospel: John Shelby Spong

SPONG Living pastordawnRecorded last week (June 25, 2014) at Chautauqua, John Shebly Spong, doing what Jack does best, opening listeners to new ways of understanding the New Testament. Enjoy!

“I don’t even like religious people.” – Bishop John Shelby Spong

jack spongBishop Spong is not exactly enamoured of religion and or religiosity.  Speaking at the Seattle Rotary Club on August 28th 2013, Jack Spong tackles a number of subjects as only Jack can, including his friendship with Desmond Tutu, his belief that the Gay Marriage debate in North America is over, his latest book, number 24, The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic, and of course why “Christianity must change or die!”  As he often does, Jack reminds us that “Jesus didn’t come to make us religious, but to make us whole, so that we may live life abundantly.” Enjoy!!!

Escaping Our Survival Mentality: John Shelby Spong

jack spong

Bishop Spong interviewed in his home on August 17, 2013

Jack speaks about his new book The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic Listen to the extended interview here